Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week 2 Meeting Recordings

Here are the recordings of the two meetings we had this week.

Wednesday 28th July 2010

Elluminate recording - you do need to be able to access Elluminate to be able to view this.
Audio recording - useful for people who cannot download Elluminate. There is the occasional quiet time while people are thinking so just wait until people start talking again.
Video recording - this may take a while to download.

Thursday July 29th 2010

Elluminate recording

NB: iGoogle came up as a topic for discussion in the first meeting. Here is a short video showing you how Claire Thompson uses her iGoogle page.


Jane Scripps said...

Hi, I actually found that youtube clip too fast for me, even I took notes, there are a swag of other clips that were more helpful, but I found I took a hint or two out several to get where I wanted to to. it is becoming very obvious that these experienced practitioners are not aware of their speed, the reality is that learners need messages to be provided more slowly, that's my feedback anyway

Sarah Stewart said...

The beauty about videos is you can stop, pause and re-play them which is usually what I do when I am learning anything from YouTube :)