Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My iGoogle page

The topic of iGoogle came up in today's Elluminate meeting. iGoogle is a personalised home page that you can use to manage a lot of your online activities like Twitter, Facebook, blog feeds, alerts and email. Have a look on YouTube for information about how to set up iGoogle, or get in touch with Carole McCulloch who brought up the topic in the first place (ha Carole! that will learn ya!).

In the meantime, here is a brief video that shows you what I use my iGoogle page for.

PS: I would advise you to ignore this is you're new to all this online technology - come back to it in a few weeks when you've become a little more knowledgeable and confident with your online skills.

PPS: Those of you who already have iGoogle pages, what do you use them for? Sarah


kruts69 said...

I use my iGoogle page to track feeds from my favorite sites, including several podcasts and an area for sticky notes.

LaTonya Motley said...

Sarah, your IGoogle page is very organized. It inspires me to make my page more usable. Thanks for sharing!

Sarah Stewart said...

The other thing I forgot that I have on my iGoogle page is GTalk which I use reasonably regularly

Sarah Stewart said...

@kruts69 What are sticky notes?