Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Preparing a paper on the first running of this course

Sarah Stewart - a participant in this course first time round, has suggested that we submit a paper to a conference being held at the Otago University.

Hello everyone, Leigh and I are looking to put a paper together for
the Dunedin conference in June based on our experiences during this




We're having a face-to-face meeting about it at 1pm on Tuesday 29th
Jan. at Leigh's office if anyone would like to join us in this

cheers Sarah
We recorded the meeting that Sarah and I had, where we discussed what approach to take and suggestions from Bronwyn.

We will continue to develop the paper on the wiki just as soon as we feel solid on the approach.

To do:
  • Sarah to continue to attempt to make contact with the conferecne organisers to find out if our user perspective is of interest to them
  • Bronwyn to respond to the points raised in the audio recording
  • Leigh to prepare the wiki for the user perspectives.