Facilitation is a rare and valuable skill to have. It is a service that is often used in conferences, debates, panels and tutorials, or simply where groups of people are meeting and need someone to help negotiate meaning and understanding, and to keep everyone engaged and on task.

This online course is designed to help people to access and interpret models, research, and develop professional expertise in online facilitation. The course is aimed at:
  • teachers who want to know how to facilitate online learning,
  • non-profit organisations who want to know how to facilitate online networks and and communities, events and campaigns,
  • businesses who want to know how to effectively use online communication tools for meetings, conferences, seminars and workshops. 
The online course has three phases which will allow you to dip in and out of the course according to your particular learning needs, starting July 18th, 2011. Having said that, participants who are enrolled as formal students are expected to engage at every stage of the course.
  • In Phase One (July 18th - August 21st), we will be looking at the theory of online facilitation and some case studies.
  • In Phase Two (August 22nd - October 16th) we will work through the process of developing an online event with hands-on experience of using online communication tools.
  • Phase Three (October 17th - November 11th) will be devoted to facilitating and evaluating your own online event which will be part of the mini-conference.
    For full details about the course including assessments, course schedule and resources, go to the course wiki.

    Fees. There are three levels of participation and fees for this course.
    • Informal students No charge for people who wish to access the course materials and join the course.
    • Facilitated students Receive focused and personalised learning support, full access to the course web conferencing platform and email group. Facilitated students receive a certificate of participation when they complete the course $NZ180 inc GST and Internet levy (domestic and international students)
    • Formal students Receive full support and access to course materials, assessment services and formal credits for course completion $NZ442.30 approx (domestic); $500 (international students) inc. GST and Internet levy
    For more information about the fees and how to enrol as a facilitated or formal student please contact our administrator Catherine Lindsay Email.

    If you decide to join the course in any capacity, please add your name, blog address and any other online contact details to the wiki page above called "Participants".