Sunday, July 25, 2010

July 26th Setting the scene

This week we would like you to think about what you want to achieve during this course - what is it you want to learn to facilitate? Are you a teacher wanting to know how to facilitate online teaching and learning? Or, do you work for a non-profit organisation wanting to know how to facilitate online communities and networks, or run information campaigns? It may be that you work for a business and would like to know how to facilitate online meetings or collaborative projects. This plan will act as a guide for your learning, and will also help me to tailor the content of this course to meet your needs.

Here are some ideas about online facilitation that you may wish to explore during this course:

  • Meetings
  • Events eg seminars, workshops or conferences
  • One to one meetings eg academic supervision or business coaching/mentoring
  • Long term (or short term) projects eg collaborative work
  • Teaching an online class
  • Presenting information to sell a service or business
  • Develop an online community or network
  • Run an online campaign

Web Conferencing Join the virtual class meeting in Elluminate to share your ideas and plans with other participants.
  • Wednesday 28th July 12.00 hours New Zealand (World Clock)
I am happy to organise a repeat meeting if there is interest - please feel free to get in touch and suggest a day and time. Sarah

Image: '2nd Day Presentations' Chandra Marsono


ameliaboyce said...

Hi Sarah,

Unfortunately I have a meeting at 12pm on Wednesday so will not be able to attend. Have you had any other interest for a repeat meeting at another time?

Jillian Clarke said...

Hi Sarah, I will be at the next Elluminate meeting with bells on. As for my learning needs, I would like to know how to do all of the things on that list but my main focus is learning how to put together an online teaching package.

Sarah Stewart said...

Amelia: 9am NZ Thursday 29th