Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sustainability in the e-World

Here is a late edition to the mini conference program.

Title of the Event: Driving change into an on line society via sustainable practices
Date and Time: Wednesday 10 November, 1pm NZ time
Facilitator Peter Brook: peter.brook@op.ac.nz
Presenter: Nicola Bould. Nicola is the sustainability coordinator for Otago Polytechnic which has made a strong commitment in this area. She has researched many aspects of a sustainable society and her talk will focus on e-waste, exemplars and collaborative strategies.
Venue: : Elluminate meeting room. Here is information about how to access the virtual meeting room
Description: While social networking and collaborative tools have changed they way we communicate there still remains the unsatisfied question of how we can sustain this in a world of more difficult compliance and decreasing resources.
Back Up Plan:If there is a total IT failure, we will record another presenter session on Elluminate and open an asynchronous discussion over the next week in Peter's Blog
Recording Information: Will be recorded and available on Peter's blog
Evaluation : It would be appreciated if participants could answer a few simple questions to provide the faciliatators with some constructive feedback. Please go to Peter's blog to answer the questions and leave comments

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