Saturday, November 13, 2010

November 15th Sum up of course and evaluation of mini event

So, did we survive the course mini conference? More importantly, did we learn a thing or two about facilitating online and our responsibilities to our online community, network, virtual team or class? This week we reflect on the experience and make note of the things that happened and what we learned from it all.

Web Conferencing
Attend an Elluminate meeting to debrief the mini conference and the course. You have a choice of two times:

1. Finish the course with a closing post with feedback about the course. Did you learn new and useful things? Was it challenging enough? What could have been better? What could you have done better. Did the course facilitator do a good job? How will you apply what you have learned? Who would you recommend to do this course next time?
2. Students who are enrolled will be asked to complete a formal course evaluation.
3. Complete Assignment Two.

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WiseWoman said...

Hi Sarah, I'm a bit late getting a comment to you about the course. I've been raving about to everyone. It was wonderful for me to have a structure to practise the knowledge I gained.

Making up a blog, writing my journey through the course, being prompted to keep going, attending other people's events. . . I don't think there was one thing that didn't lead to a deepening of my understanding of the online world.

I'm very excited about the classes I am teaching on WizIQ. I didn't know that a free site like that existed. I did upgrade to a Premium membership to get the extra features because the enrollment has been great.

Thanks so much for how your expertise has enriched my life since I first came in contact with you. Gloria Lemay, Vancouver BC Canada