Sunday, November 7, 2010

Great second week lined up for the FO2010 mini conference

The first week of the mini conference is done and we're about to launch into the second week. There were two great sessions this week: Gillian and Malcolm did a fantastic job which got us thinking about networking in a large organisation, and Sebastian introduced us to the brilliant work being done in education in India.

Next week things are really hotting up with more sessions with a range of topics.
  • Building a Successful Blog
  • Which lollies in this on-line facilitation lolly jar
  • Cultural Competency in the online environment
  • Creating an online prescence
  • Pulling It All Together: Wrapping it Up and Reflecting on FO2010 with Karen, Mark and Tracy
Please check out the wiki for full details.

Please do all you can to come along and support each other.

Image: 'Plone Conference 2009 Group Photo'


WiseWoman said...

I'm very excited to be facilitating "Creating An Online Presence" with Laureen Hudson. She's the reason that I blog, twitter and am on Facebook. She's taught me so much and I thank her for bringing me to a place where I could take on and complete FO2010.

Thanks again, Sarah, for offering this course and pushing me to stick with it.

Sarah Stewart said...

Looking forward to meeting Laureen again...I loved the last session she did for VIDM :)