Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How to use Elluminate for class meetings and webconferencing

Our first few meetings will using Elluminate, which is a propitiatory web conferencing tool.

To be able to use Elluminate you will need:
  • Internet connection - Eluminate should work with a dial-up connection.
  • Headphones, if you are in a room with other users
  • Microphone, if you wish to speak. Otherwise, you can communicate with instant text "chat" that is part of the Elluminate program
  • Speakers - if more than one person is watching and listening
  • Web browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.
Virtual classroom
The course virtual classroom is open now so that you can go in, set up your computer and meet others to practice online communication. To access the Elluminate virtual classroom, please click on this link.

Tips for using Elluminate
Problems accessing Elluminate
If you are having trouble accessing Elluminate, especially from an institution, organisation or business, it may be that your firewall or Internet policies is preventing you from downloading the software. So it is important that you check this out with your IT department. If you're having trouble accessing Elluminate in your business/institution with a firewall /proxy issue, ask your IT people to open traffic to

Elluminate support
If you are having problems with Elluminate, please feel free to contact the Otago Polytechnic Helpdesk: but be aware they will only respond to questions 8am - 5pm New Zealand time.

Also, try the Elluminate website:

You may also be able to get help from the Online Support Center for Elluminate:

Tool Free
North America 866-388-8674
UK 0808-101-1432
Australia 1-800-26-7338

Non Tool Free
International 1-606-274-2686

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