Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 18th Preparing for the course mini conference

In these two weeks you will focus on the event that you are facilitating as part of the course mini conference. The idea is for you to organise something for the conference, such as a guest speaker or a discussion panel through webconference; a discussion forum on a social networking platform; or assisting with the preparation and promotion of the mini conference generally. This will be your chance to facilitate real events online, and to experience the dimensions to facilitation online.
  • Identify a topic of interest expressed by participants in this course.
    • Create a title for the event.
    • Develop an aim for the event.
  • Arrange for a guest speaker, panel or other online activity.
  • Negotiate with the guest speaker/s, arrange times and locations.
  • Coordinate your session with the course facilitator and other students in the course wiki.
  • Promote the event in your blog, on the course wiki and with your online and face-to-face contacts and networks
    • Develop a contact list
    • Create a flier
  • Describe what technical support services you will need to make use of
  • Develop a contingency plan for technical problems, poor or over attendance, and other disruptions
  • Indicate whether recording will be done and where it will be made available after the event
  • Indicate how you are going to evaluate your event
Join the virtual class meeting in Elluminate to discuss last minute details and queries about the mini conference on Tuesday 19th October 19.30 hours New Zealand (World Clock). This session will be facilitated by Karen Wilson.

1. Add your event name and details to the course course mini conference page.
2. Start a discussion thread for your event in the course mini conference discussion page, and monitor discussion.
3. Post your plan details to your blog.

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