Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thinking about the next two weeks

I know some of you are still getting your head around the content for the last couple of weeks, let alone the next two weeks. But I just wanted to let you know how we're going to manage the next couple of weeks.

Visit to Pakistan
I have been asked to make a visit to Karachi, Pakistan, to work with a group of midwives in the Aga Khan University...looking at how they can develop their undergraduate midwifery program as an online package. This has come about quite quickly but is an opportunity I could not refuse. I leave New Zealand on Sunday 15th August.

Introducing Bronwyn Hegarty
I will still be available and monitoring everyone's progress, so please keep in touch - the Internet connection is probably better there than it is in New Zealand. But please be mindful that my time zone will be seven hours behind New Zealand.

If you have an urgent query and need to talk to someone by phone or face-to-face, please contact my colleague at Otago Polytechnic, Bronwyn Hegarty (0800 smartmove). Bronwyn will be facilitating next week's Elluminate meeting with Jane and Rayna.

The second week I am away (23rd - 29th August) we'll be having a play with Skype. The web conferencing for the week is getting in touch with each other with Skype. There are full instructions on how to use Skype and make conference calls on the wiki.

However, if you wish to check out Skype in the next couple of days before I go to Pakistan, please feel free to get in touch - my Skype contact name is: sarah.m.stewart



Jade said...

I would like to know about skype. I have downloaded it, but haven't actually used it! Great. Bit confused how on elluminate people had a back up plan of using skype?? Don't understand how you would do this.

Sarah Stewart said...

Hi Jade

Skype is great fun and usually reliable. Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to test it out.

What people mean by Skype back-up plan is that if Elluminate fails, we can meet as a group in Skype. But there's a bit of logistic planning around that, that you need to think about.