Saturday, August 7, 2010

Terry Neal talking about how to facilitate virtual teams

Here are the recordings of the session in which Terry Neal talked about how to facilitate virtual teams.

Elluminate recording - you do need to be able to access Elluminate to be able to view this.
Audio recording - useful for people who cannot download Elluminate.
Video recording - this may take a while to download.

Thanks to Chris and Jillian
Chris and Jillian did a fantastic job of facilitating this session and have raised the bar for all of us. Here are some tips that Jillian has passed on for us to think about when we come to facilitate live online sessions. Equally as timely is an article written by Tony Karrer called 19 Tips for Effective Online Conferences, which is well worth reading.

Your chance to practice facilitation of a live event
One of my strategies for this course is to give people the chance to practice facilitating a live event before the mini-conference in November. This allows you to gain experience and make 'mistakes' in a safe, supported environment, taking away the pressure when it comes to your assignments and the 'real thing'. The last 10-15 minutes of the recording above explains a little more about how this works.
  1. Have a look at the course schedule and decide what live event you would like to facilitate.
  2. Let me know by leaving a comment here or emailing me directly.
  3. I will let you know which event you will co-facilitate. I will be giving first refusal to the formal students. If you do not get an opportunity to facilitate one of the scheduled events, feel free to organise an event between yourselves so you can practice if you wish.
  4. As you can see, I have organised the speakers to the scheduled sessions. What you need to do is co-ordinate the session with your co-facilitator. You will be responsible for liaising with the speaker, managing the meeting room, reminding the course participants about the meeting, facilitating the meeting and sorting out any technical problems. I will be around to support you as facilitators.
Don't be afraid to talk to Chris and Jillian if you want to know more this. Sarah

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Sharon said...

I was glad to find the fast forward button on the recorded session of Terry's presentation when the sound went high pitched!

Sarah Stewart said...

Yes LOL I must admit there was a mad scramble to turn everyone's mics off :)