Monday, August 2, 2010

Facilitating virtual teams

I am very pleased to remind you that Terry Neal will be talking about how to facilitate virtual teams in Elluminate on Friday 6th August 11am - 12pm New Zealand (World Clock). Terry has extensive experience using virtual environments for online facilitation, including Second Life. Terry was the project manager for the Second Life Education New Zealand project.

Terry would like to invite you to read the paper she wrote with Dr Clare Atkins "Working effectively in a virtual team" before the session on Friday.

Terry can be contacted via Twitter: @TerryNeal

I am still looking for two facilitators for this session. Please contact me asap if you'd like to be a facilitator on Friday, or over the next few weeks.


WiseWoman said...

thanks so much for a great workshop, Terry.

thanks to the brave facilitators who took that role on, too

I propose that we make an agreement that if people come into the class late, they will do so without fuss because I found it quite disrupting to have the woman who was at a meeting prior asking to be caught up on what she missed and what was happening.

Sharon said...

Terry's paper was very detailed and long to read, but some excellent points in there to consider when setting up and working in virtual teams.