Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wayne Mackintosh and wikis

The recording of the meeting where Wayne Mackintosh talked about wiki is here. I haven't been able to check that the recording is all correct, so please let me know if there are any problems with it. Wayne is speaking under the name of 'Terry Marler', so sorry about any confusion.

How a wiki works

In the meeting Wayne gave a short explanation about how wiki works and how communities of people are formed as a result of the work they do on wiki. Wayne told us a little about Wikieducator, which is the wiki project he is involved in.

Looking at wiki community
To get a better sense of how wiki community work, I suggested that everyone has a look at the discussion pages that sit behind a page on a wiki. For example...look at the entry about global warming on Wikipedia...then look at the discussion page...what do you see?

Mini conference

At the meeting we also had a very quick discussion about the mini conference. Here's a couple of points that cropped up:
  • Don't forget you are the facilitator of the event...not the teacher/speaker.
  • Make sure you post the focus of your event on the discussion section of the mini conference wiki page so we can all see what you're thinking of doing. I'm starting to get a sense that there is a duplication of ideas, so it's important that we all liaise on this page.
  • Leigh will be available on Wednesday 7th October 8pm NZ to discuss questions about the mini conference - world clock here

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