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5th October Looking for online community: Virtual Worlds

A virtual world is a computer-based simulated environment intended for its users to interact via avatars. These avatars are usually depicted as textual, two-dimensional, or three-dimensional graphical representations, although other forms are possible (auditory and touch sensations for example). Some, but not all, virtual worlds allow for multiple users. Wikipedia July 2008.

In the next two weeks we will be focusing on the use of Second Life as a platform for interaction through an online simulated environment. It is recommended that you access a modern computer and you will need to install the Second Life client (platform/program) to do the activities. If you live close to an Internet cafe, they will be able to set you up for an optimal experience. Some people working in public institutions or large organisations have experienced restricted access to Second Life. If this is the case check with your computer administrator, or consider completing this topic on an external computer and network.

To do

1. Download and install the Second Life. Set up a Second Life account and avatar. Post your Second Life user name to your blog. Instructions for how to do all this can be found here in this orientation package.

2. Add your Second Life user name next to your details in the Participants list. You will see that my name is Petal Stransky.

3. Once you have installed Second Life on your computer feel free to have a look around. This link that will start Second Life and log you in directly to Jokaydia. Jokaydia is an island in Second Life that has a very active community of users, including a number of educators and researchers. This link will take you to the Second Life Education New Zealand project, which are two resources that support the teaching of interview skills and midwifery practice.

4. Attend the meeting I will be leading on Thursday 15th October 8pm NZ - world clock here. In this meeting you will be shown how to use Second Life and then be taken on a tour of interesting venues and projects in Second Life including Jokaydia and the SLENZ builds. Please note we will be starting off in Elluminate before I take you into SL.

5. Read through the Wikipedia entry for Second Life and conduct your own research into the platform to develop a perspective on what sort of communities exist there. Write a post to your blog with ideas on how you might operate as a facilitator for a community within Second Life.

6. Continue preparations for your facilitated event at the course mini conference

Extra resources can be found on the course wiki.


Image: Mini-Conference in Second Life PiAir (Old Skool)

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