Monday, October 19, 2009

19th October Looking for online community: Social networking platforms

Social networking platforms are web services that technically facilitate social networking and community development. From Facebook to Linkedin, each social networking platform has slightly different functionality and social phenomenon. In this topic we will try out the Online Facilitators network, and review several other social networking platforms like it.

To do

1. Join the Online Facilitators network on and help generate activity by creating a strong profile page, observing and interacting with other members.

2. Attend the Elluminate meeting on Tuesday 27th 12pm (world clock here) where we will discuss the features of other social networking platforms, and become administrators of the network so we can view the admin features of this particular platform.

3. Write up a summary of social networking platforms and include ideas on how you think facilitation would work in these contexts.

4. Finalise preparations for your facilitated event at the course mini conference.

Second Life

A small number of us met in Second Life last week. As a follow-up, I would like to offer you two more sessions: Tuesday 20th October 10am and Thursday 12pm. I will meet you at :


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