Monday, September 17, 2007

Online communities page in wiki

The barn building session in WikiEducator was very useful. people will continue to build their discipline-specific pages and people seem to be taking a variety of approaches. For example, deciding on the list of topics to be covered in an online class and designing online activities to engage participants with the content. For more on this, please look at the new project called: Using wikis to build communities

At the end of the session the small group of us who were left had a eureka moment and decided to start a new page called: online communities. On this page we have listed some examples of online communities and will investigate answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the strategies employed by different online learning communities?
  2. What motivates people to join these communities and participate in them?
Have a look at the list of online communities and see if you can think of any more to add. Please start adding some ideas to help answer the questions as well.

I apologise but I couldn't seem to be able to retrieve the recording - might be something to do with the fact I closed Elluminate and then went back in - it was still recording but has not come up in recordings area.

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