Thursday, September 20, 2007

now you can relax it is the holidays

Don't forget there is a two week break from the course - 24 September to 8 October. In this time some of you may be away conferencing or actually having some well deserved time relaxing. Others of you may be catching up with some of the course activities. There may also be some of you meeting and chatting online using Skype.

The course facilitators will be pretty quiet over the next two weeks as we will be on leave as well.

If you wish to catch up a little
, probably the most important things to do are to:
  • make sure you have listened to some of the 10 minute lectures and made some notes about them in your blog
  • look at the activities around online cultures and social presence on Blackboard
  • read this article about social presence in asynchronous environments
  • do some work on your discipline-specific wiki page in the projects area in Facilitating Online on WikiEducator - check out the tutorials first which can be found via the help area.
Activities for when we return
When we return on Monday 8 October, David McQuillan is going to facilitate an Elluminate session at 730 pm to brainstorm some strategies for dealing with technology when it breaks down.

On 15 October at 730 pm we will have another 10 minute lecture on Elluminate: - Derek Chirnside speaking about Adding a community flavour to our courses.

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