Thursday, September 6, 2007

Blogging roundup

It must be nearly time for us to start looking at online communities as they exist in Wikis like Wikipedia, or Virtual Worlds like Second Life... but while we are all still getting experienced with blogging communities, I think this post by Dave Cormier is a very nice start to a round up. Dave joined us in our 10 min lecture with Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, and is another well known facilitator of online learning communities. I'd really like to invite him to give us 10 minutes also... but maybe we should slow down on the lectures while we start our move into other dimensions of online community.. hmm? But then I'm sure Dave can speak with us on many other aspects of online learning communities... Do any of the participants in this course have people they would especially like to hear from and speak to?

Exert from Dave's handy post:

Blogging - Not ‘IF’ but When and Where. UPEI presentation

...Blogging, like ‘academic writing’ is a vague label that really doesn’t do justice to the complexities of the subject it is meant to cover. Blogging is appropriate any time that people need to be kept ‘up to date’ with a topic, a person, images, videos… It should not be seen as a yes/no decision, but as a tool which, like everything else, works better when used appropriately.


David McQuillan said...

Are we going to start raising the barn sometimes soon?

Leigh said...

Yes, I think we should hey Dave... my thinking is we shouldto start working on Wikis AND SecondLife... does that raise the bar for you or do you have other ideas? But in saying that, I see that at least 30% of our little group are not up to speed with blogs and RSS...