Saturday, July 2, 2011

Up and running and again July 18th 2011

I am delighted to announce that Facilitating Online will be stating again on Monday July 18th. All are welcome to follow the course - you have three choices about how you interact with this course:
  • Informal students No charge for people who wish to access the course materials and join the course.
  • Facilitated students Receive focused and personalised learning support, full access to the course web conferencing platform and email group. Facilitated students receive a certificate of participation when they complete the course $NZ180 inc GST and Internet levy (domestic and international students)
  • Formal students Receive full support and access to course materials, assessment services and formal credits for course completion $NZ442.30 approx (domestic); $500 (international students) inc. GST and Internet levy

For more information about the fees and how to enrol as a facilitated or formal student please contact our administrator Catherine Lindsay Email.

If you decide to join the course in any capacity, please add your name, blog address and any other online contact details to the wiki page above called "Participants".

Here's a fun quiz to do to check if you're ready for Facilitating Online 2011!

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