Saturday, April 9, 2011

Disappointing news. FO2011 will no longer be facilitated this semester

I have disappointing news for those of you who have been following this semester's iteration of FO2011. I am afraid that I do not have enough enrolled students to be able to continue facilitating 'Facilitating Online' this semester. Therefore, the course has ceased functioning as it usually does. We hope to offer Fo2011 again in July 2011 if we can get enough enrolled students, so please let me know if you'd like to enrol for that course.

Amended course schedule
I have slightly amended the course schedule for those of you who are following the course so you still have access to weekly live events of some sort or another. I have also given you links to the recordings of useful sessions that happened last year.

Looking for facilitators
If you would like to have the opportunity to practice your facilitation of a live online event, I am looking for volunteer facilitators for the Virtual International Day of the Midwife which runs for 24 hours from 12.00 hours on the 5th May New Zealand.

If you would like to go ahead with facilitating your own event to meet the assessment requirements of this course, please feel free to use the course wiki to organise it.

Questions or feedback
If you have any questions, or would like to give me feedback about the course, please feel free to either leave a comment on this blog or email me: sarahstewart07(at)

Hope to see you next time, Sarah

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Clarissa said...

Sad news indeed! :(

Thank you so much Sarah for the treasure trove of resources and learning pathways that still exist.

And for amending the course schedule so we can still plod on :)

Would you consider approaching professional associations who need to offer continuing professional development (CPD)for their members? Maybe an Association could buy access to a certain number of places within a year - and guarantee your course could run?

I know that Occupational Therapy Australia has ventured into online CPD - threre's a good case to increase our skills to access & harness/share expertise to the rest of the country via online skills. Just an idea :)