Sunday, September 19, 2010

Two weeks break

You'll all be pleased to know that after this week, we have two weeks holiday. This will give you time to catch up and start to think about what you want to facilitate in the mini conference.

Planning for the mini conference
I will be talking about the mini conference in this week's Elluminate meeting at 16.30 hours New Zealand on Wednesday 22nd September World Clock. If you miss the meeting, you can listen to the recording. If there are a number of you who missed the meeting, I am happy to repeat the session again.

If you have any questions about the mini conference, please email them to the FO2010 group or leave a question on this blog - that way everyone will get to see the answer and it will save me from having to reply many times to the same questions :)

Those of you who are informal students are extremely welcome to join the mini conference, and plan and facilitate your own event....the more the merrier! However, the only events I can guarantee that I will attend and give feedback about are the events that are facilitated by the formally enrolled students.

If you are an informal student and you want guaranteed feedback about your event, please may I suggest that you arrange this with another student.

Last chances to practice live facilitation skills
I am still looking for a volunteer who would like to work with Kim to facilitate the WiziQ session on Tuesday 12th October 9am NZ. And as I have said before, the Elluminate room is always open, so you are very welcome to go there and have a play. You will need to let me know, however, so I can meet you there and make you a 'staff member'.

Email group
In the next few weeks I am sure we'll see a lot more emails as we start to plan the mini conference. But please be careful about how you use the group. Please send personal messages to the individual person...not the whole group. Lets make sure we don't bog down the group with comments that could have been individually emailed. Also, edit messages that you reply to. Only include parts of previous messages that are necessary to the ongoing conversation. Thank you :) Sarah

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