Thursday, September 9, 2010

Facilitating Online Quiz

I have been asked to try out a new program for creating online quizzes. So here is the quiz I developed using ProProfs Quiz Maker, designed to test your knowledge about how to be an online facilitator. Feel free to put any feedback about the program in the comment section here so I can feed it back to ProProfs.


Kim Mc said...

Thanks Sarah that was a bit of fun

Karen Humber said...

Yes that was fun - and it gave me something to tweet about! I particularly liked the immediate feedback checking my response plus giving a link to the source. Set up like this it is more than just testing knowledge; it is also a teaching tool.

Malcolm Lewis said...

Fun.. I think it may have marked me wrong on the sustainability question when I picked the right answer. Then again I might have clicked the wrong box accidentally. The first time I did the quiz it froze at Q5.

Claire Thompson said...

Like Karen, I thought the immediate feedback was good. Do you as the quiz maker get data on how everyone did, or is it merely meant to provide information to the quiz taker?

Sarah Stewart said...

What I get is stats about percentages of people getting questions right and wrong which is interesting - I did this as a fun quiz expecting people would get 100% right, but it is more like 75-80%...must have put in some hard questions...or too ambiguous.

Sharon said...

Sarah, for some reason the quiz wouldn't let me get past Q2 - I was getting the message Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage message??? I'll try another time or two and see what happens.

Sarah Stewart said...

Can I suggest you try Firefox, Sharon.

Kathryn Bresnik said...

Hi Sarah!

Kathryn with here. Thanks so much for trying Quiz Maker Pro! I hope you enjoyed your quiz making experience :)

For those of you who commented, here is some info about the new features of Quiz Maker Pro:

• Share quizzes quickly and easily on your blog and other social media, like Facebook and Twitter
• Use tools like Google Maps, graphs, and customizable styles, scoring and result options, to assess performance
• Track information about who took your quiz
• Store, view, and download quiz results
• Quiz analytics help you understand quiz takers – analyze question difficulty, time taken, location of quiz takers and more!
• Branding capabilities
• Advertisement free!

Quiz makers can even print out certificates of achievement for students after they've taken the quiz.

If anyone has any questions feel free to email me!

Thanks again, Sarah!


Gillian said...

fun and I too liked the immediate feedback kept me interested to go further.