Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Looking at online forums

This is just a quick reminder about what you should be doing this week.

Identifying 'community' in online forums
By now you need to have located an online forum and looked at it to identify what aspects of 'community' you see in the forum. Information about what an online community is can be found in our meeting discussions on the 10th August, as well as the blogs of course participants. You'll probably have to look at the forum archives to get a real sense of how the forum operates.

Blog post
Then you need to interview a member of the forum to find out how she/he thinks the forum could use a facilitator. Once you have done this, write up your findings into a blog post.

Once you have published your blog post, send the link in an email to the course email group.

Next online meeting
Our next online meeting is on Thursday 10th September 8pm New Zealand time (international time zones here). Be prepared to present the findings of your investigations at the meeting.

Swanning off to Darwin
I am currently in Darwin, Sydney and Adelaide for five weeks. I am still available in all my usual online places if you want to get in touch. If you need to speak to me, let me know a convenient time and I will phone you.

Thinking of you all as I swelter in the tropical heat. Sarah

Image: Bicentennial Park, Darwin, Australia yeowatzup

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