Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Filling in a few blank spaces

Yesterday we had an online meeting in which we had a couple of informal discussions that will be of interest. The link to the recording is here.

Informal and formal students
In the first part of the meeting we talked to Leigh about the model of formal/informal learning that this course follows. Leigh explained the difference in the 'services' that informal/formal students received. He reiterated that it is not the type of enrollment that is important but rather the learning that is shared by course participants.

Writing blog posts

We thought that blog posts differed depending on the type of enrollment, that posts by informal students tended to be shorter, more concise and 'friendlier'. This is a lesson for formal students - your blog posts do not need to be mini essays but rather concise reflections and summaries of your personal learning. And do not be afraid to add stories from your own experience, and link to wider reading beyond recommended texts and resources.

Clarifying this week's activities
The second half of the meeting we spent clarifying what is required in this week's activities. You need to find a discussion forum in the form of an email discussion group or bulletin board. I came up with a couple of examples that ranged from the Google email "networked learning group" to discussion forums on Trademe and Amazon.

Type of forum
The forum you look at may be one based on education, or it may be focused on a special interest, hobby or health/family issue - the choice is up to you. You will not have time to immerse yourself in the community so you'll need to be able to access the forum archives to get a sense of how that particular community works. However, when you are blogging about the forum, please be mindful of confidentiality issues ie do not identify people or issues if the group is a closed forum.

Hope this helps to clarify questions....if it doesn't, please get back to me.


PS: The picture has no relevance to the course other than we are welcoming Spring here in New Zealand :)

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willie campbell said...

hi people I have just listened to this meeting. My reason for withdrawing my previous post was to do with diviseveness- insiders and outcomers.We are all in this space for whatever reasons we have personally. AND I do believe and I'm interested
to have this supported by Leigh that the style we use gives an indication as to our status. Xcept I must direct you all to Roscelli's blog- her style is so personal and motivational and yet I know she is an enrolled student. Go well all of you. See you in the ether Stpehen.

Sarah Stewart said...

Thank you, Willie...I for one learn heaps from your comments and your knowledge of education.