Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last night's meeting

Last night we had our second attempt at a meeting on Elluminate where we orientated ourselves to the Facilitating Online course. Thankfully everything went well and we had a great time getting to know each other a little better and clarifying aspects of the course. The gold star goes to Mireille, who was attending the meeting in Canada, at 4am!! I think she's mad!

The link to the recording of the meeting can be found here.

Here are a couple of things that cropped up that I would like to bring your attention to.

Chris Woodhouse has been a star and set up a FOC09 Pageflakes page which has brought all the blogs together so we can follow the blogs more easily. This is great work, Chris - thanks so much for doing that for us.

Email group
Some course participants prefer to communicate via email, so here is the link to the FOC09 email group. Please feel free to join it if you prefer that form of communication.

Resources for Assignment Two
When you look at Assignment Two you will see that you have to facilitate an online meeting. You are very welcome to use the Elluminate room or you may wish to use other online meeting resources. If you come across any resources for online meetings that you would like to recommend, please list them on the Mini Conference page of the course wiki. I have made a start and recommended a couple of online meeting tools.

Next online meeting
The next Elluminate meeting will be at 9am Monday 10th August. Here is the link to the world clock and international time zones.

And here is the link to the Elluminate meeting room. We will be discussing what online community is and how to recognise it - further details can be found on the course wiki.


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Mireille's Learning Circle said...

I have no idea how to have interactive conversations with the group. The google group doesn't allow to post message or reply from your email or within the group mail


Erkan Yilmaz said...

Hi Mireille, same for me when I click reply on Sarah's mail: msg: I do not have the required permission to post.

Since the google groups link was also removed from the FOC page on Wikiversity perhaps the facilitators do not want the usage of the google groups much ? or this option was just not yet tested :-)

interactive conversions: you could make a post about that :-) let's see who replies. In the meantime I guess there will be some kind of smaller clusters. Some have Skype and talk with a limited amount of people directly. But I guess Elluminate could be used more for meeting besides the "normal" meetings.


Leigh Blackall said...

That's right Erkan, the email forum is currently set to announcement only, for the following reasons:

Email forums are a little too effective :) in that they work so well for some people, that others feel swamped by email, when they normally use email for work purposes and the like.

Many people are used to email forums, and we find that having this option tends to prevent a blogging network forming effectively. This is not to say that a blogging network is preferred, but it is to say we hope that as little as possible prevents the experience of a blogging network.

So for these reasons I preferred it that the course started without the email forum on, with a view to turning it on when we enter into the "forum communities" topic, and everyone was prepared to manage an increase in their volume of email.

It will be interesting to see if this decision proves to be a barrier to communication over all, or an effective encouragement toward networked communications.

Erkan Yilmaz said...