Friday, August 28, 2009

Great meeting this afternoon

I am thrilled to say (I hope!) that the recording of today's meeting worked, so you can find the link to the recording here, as well as on the course wiki. We had a very lively discussion about the difference between teaching, facilitation and moderating with an excellent example of moderation from yours truly (even if I say so myself).

What I found interesting was that definitions seemed to vary depending on people's context - the recording is really worth listening to if you missed the meeting.

Skills and actions of a facilitator
Here is the list of some of the skills and responsibilities of a facilitator that we came up with - thanks to Stephen Blyth for transcribing. If you want to know more, check out some great blog posts by various course participants.
  • active listener
  • time keeping
  • helps to coordinate an exchange of ideas
  • re-framing contributions
  • guide the learning process
  • challenge the idea, not the person
  • has a toolkit of methods to get wide involvement, eg match-sticks, brainstorming
  • distinguishes process from content
  • summarising and checking
  • guide the learners but brings out areas that they might already know about - and increases the understanding.
Next activity
There appears to be a little confusion about our next activity or module. Some people have started talking about looking at blogging communities, but actually the next section of the course if looking at online forums. So make sure you have the correct details which can be found on the course wiki. I will send out a blog post with more information at the beginning of next week.

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