Monday, November 10, 2008

Conference end (more to come)

Well, the Mini Conference is over and many thanks to those who ran an event, and a big extra thanks to those who attended events, Especially to Nellie - who I think must have been at every one! And to Minhaaj who I caught in one at 3am his time!

Thankfully recordings where made of many of the events and some have updated their event entry in the wiki with a link to their recordings and/or notes. If you have notes or a recording, please make a link to them in your event entry.

From my perspective we had a line up of very interesting topics in the conference. I think many of us learned a lot from the experience, especially the need for promotion right up to the last minute. In many of the events I attended, I think promotion was far too light, and so I found myself in a last minute flurry of instant messaging everyone I knew who might have had interest in attending. In my experience over the years, it is instant messaging at the last minute that gets people there. Twitter is great for it! It pays to be already well networked online, with your own online communities to call on mind you...

So, this week we simply kick back and reflect on what has just past. The week after we are looking for blog entries that critique our own or each others events. And with that the course will be finished! Elaine is already ahead of it all with her great reflection on her and Kay's event.

Some people have contacted me to say they could not organise an event in the week of the conference, but would like to organise one in the coming weeks. I think this is great to see. Remember the lesson learned though - promotion promotion promotion. If you are going to organise an event in the coming weeks, get it in the wiki as soon as possible, make it concise and easy to join, and promote it right up to the last minute. This will be harder for you because you won't be able to rely on a group of conference going people to call on.

So well done to the conference organisers, get your recordings and notes up, and have a long think about everything that has passed in this course. Get ready for your final post that sums it all up for you.

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