Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our first meeting

A group of 16 of us met in the Elluminate (24/7 meeting room) today. Here's a recording. (I will make an MP3 of that recording soon. As expected, others had some technical issues and weren't able to make it, others found their way into another meeting room entirely! And the meeting room that we did have dropped its connection for a moment there, which really freaked me out. All that aside though, it was a good meeting and we covered everything that needs to considered for this orientation week.. namely:

  1. Everyone focus on setting up their blog
  2. Updating their introduction on the course wiki with a link to their blog
  3. Setting up an RSS News Reader

These 3 steps are very important if we are to benefit from each other through this course. The wiki entry for this week has help resources on how to do those things if you are new to all this, and the email forum will be a great place to ask questions and get help. Please use them!

Regarding that meeting room. I thought I'd be tricky and set the meeting to begin from the 25 July and run until 24 December. I did this so we would all have constant access to the meeting space if ever any of us needed such a space at a time other than our allocated times. The link to that space will always be the same and is listed at the top of the wiki, and in the links on the course blog. Look for the link that says 24/7 meeting room. I plan to make MP3 recordings of our meetings for people to be able to listen in on commutes etc.

If this meeting room proves to be unreliable, we will move to one of many options. Lets see.


  1. Set up your blogs
  2. Update your intro
  3. Set up an RSS news reader


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Leigh...great intro. Can safely say I have completed most requirements for first week - so sorry I missed the meeting :(. Totally had the wrong time. Talk soon.

Who am I? said...
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Nellie Deutsch said...

Hi Leigh,
I'm really enjoying everyone's input and enthusiasm.


Bronwyn hegarty said...

hey Leigh
how do you manage to access the recording if the meeting room has such a flexible end date?

Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Bron.

I don't know how it happened! Great that it did though. I think I will still record the next meeting with another computer in case this one was a fluke