Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Exciting news: Hot off the press

I am extremely thrilled to announce that we are joining up with another group of people looking at the same issues as us, via a course called iFacilitate - here is the link to the iFacilitate course. This course is being facilitated by Dr Greg Walker at the Leeward Community College, Hawaii. Greg did a fantastic session for us last year in which he talked about facilitating asynchronous communication.

Here are the blogs of the iFacilitate participants. Please feel free to drop by the blogs and say hello. Greg and I would like to encourage you to join the conversations they are having - at the same as they will join us.

Greg and I have scheduled live web conferences over the next few weeks in such a way that we'll all be able to join together. So please join us...I know we'll learn heaps from each other.

(In this virtual age, I am still eagerly waiting for my invitation from Greg to go and run some face-to-face meetings for him!!) Sarah :)

Image: 'Jack Johnson surfing'

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