Thursday, February 3, 2011

Facilitating Online: Next course starts 7th March 2011

The next facilitated course will start on 7th March 2011 and runs until July 8th. Full details about the course can be found on the course wiki. If you wish to be sent details about when the course will start or any other information about the course, please contact Sarah Stewart: sarah.stewart(at)

During the course you will be expected to keep a reflective blog, so if you do not already have one, you may wish to set one up so you are ready to go when the course starts. There are a number of free blogging platforms available - this course recommends Blogger because it is very easy to use if you have never blogged before. However, there are other choices such as Wordpress, Typepad or Edublogs. We will also be exploring a number of online web conferencing tools so it is preferable that you have a headset with microphone.

Fees. There are three levels of participation and fees for this course.

  • There is no charge for informal students who wish to access the course materials and join the course.
  • There is a fee for facilitated students who would like to receive focused and personalised learning support, full access to the course web conferencing platform and email group. Facilitated students receive a certificate of participation when they complete the course.
  • Full fees apply to formal students who wish to enrol and receive assessment services and formal credits for course completion.

For more information about the fees and how to enrol as a facilitated or formal student please contact our administrator Catherine Lindsay: catherine.lindsay(at)

If you decide to join the course in any capacity, please add your name, blog address and any other online contact details to the wiki page above called "Participants".

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Chris Woodhouse said...

Hi Sarah,
Looking forward to the new course next month. I've set up a customised URL to point to the wiki home page, so it might be worth sharing.