Monday, November 23, 2009

23rd November Evaluate the facilitation of an online event

So, did we survive the course mini conference? More importantly, did we learn a thing or two about facilitating online and our responsibilities to this our online community of sorts? This week we reflect on the experience and make note of the things that happened and what we learned from it all

To do

This is the week you complete assignment 3

1. Those of you who have not arranged a mini event yet, please finalize details and let us know on the mini-conference page. If you're wanting to know what is a good day for me, Tuesday 1st and Friday 4th December are both days I can attend as marker.

2. Consider your own or another's facilitation of an event at the course mini conference. Review the preparations that should have been documented on the wiki's history, the wiki's discussion area, and the blog of the event facilitator.

3. Complete assignment 3 as a post to your blog

4. Attend a webconference on Elluminate on Tuesday 1st December at 8pm NZ time to debrief the mini conference.


There are quite a few of you running behind schedule. I am very happy to give extensions if you need them. Ideally, I would like everything wrapped up by Sunday 13th December which gives me a week to finish marking etc. However, if you think you'll need longer to finish, please let me know.

Please drop me a email to confirm when you have finished your blogging so I know I can complete marking your posts - I don't want to mark you down for not doing something when you actually haven't quite finished. Any questions about any of this, please let me know. I am away until Saturday so won't be very quick to answer emails over the next couple of days.

Good luck, Sarah

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