Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our first online meeting

Our first online meeting will be tomorrow, Friday 31st July at 11am New Zealand time (click here for international time zones). In this meeting we will be introducing ourselves and looking at what we want to achieve during this course. We will be recording this meeting so if you miss it in real time, you can listen to the recording at your leisure.

We plan to alternate the times of our meetings so hopefully we will meet everyone's needs with regards to time.

Setting up for Elluminate
We will be using the web conference platform Elluminate throughout this course. To get to the meeting, please click on this link. If you have never used Elluminate before, I strongly advise that you get set up before hand. Here is the link to information about setting up your computer to use Elluminate.
  1. Click onto the link to the Elluminate meeting.
  2. Enter your name - don't worry about a password - you do not need one.
  3. Wait for Elluminate to download.
  4. Check that you can hear and speak - may need to work your way through the audio setup wizard ->tools -> audio-> audio set up wizard.
Dealing with problems
In my experience, the main problems people have with Elluminate happens when they are trying to access it at work. Firewalls often prevent people accessing Elluminate so if this is a problem, please contact your IT people. You do need Java on your computer, so check that it is enabled first.
  • go to 'tools' on your Internet browser
  • click onto 'options'
  • go to 'content'
  • click onto 'enable JavaScript' and 'enable Java'.
Any further problems with Elluminate, please let me know. Sarah

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Mireille's Learning Circle said...

Hi Sarah

This is Mireille (said like Me-Ray) from Toronto, Canada. I just signed up for the course> I need a login for our first elluminate session your time - friday

How do i get the login for the session?

thank you

Canada EST

Sarah Stewart said...

That is a really good question - thanks for asking it-I haven't put very good instructions so will change that.

1. Click onto the link I have given in this main post.

2. Enter your name - don't worry about a password - you do not need one.

3. Wait for Elluminate to download.

4. Check that you can hear and speak - may need to work your way through the audio setup wizard:
tools -> audio->audio set up wizard.

Hope that helps-let me know if you need more information.

Aina said...

Hi Sarah,

This is Aina, from the FOC2009 course. I'm having some technical problems and I can't join the session. I think I have problems to connect with the server.. I'm going to keep trying,



Sarah Stewart said...

trouble is our end

try to join us on skype


Mireille's Learning Circle said...

Hi Sarah

I think I put my comments on the wrong article sorry about that
i'm unable to connect to our session.
i got disconnected, tried for about 10 minutes got in and then got disconnected again.
i have tried the third and I'm unable to connect it's about 20 minutes.
is there a link for listening to tonights session?

toronto, canada

Sarah Stewart said...

So sorry Mireille, problems our end. We've had to abandon the meeting.

Please feel free to skype me if you have any questions:


I will repeat the meeting either at the weekend or Monday.

thanks for your patience

Adrienne Moyle said...

Hi, I thought the meeting was at 12.30 and turned up to find it started at 11am. Thanks for your two calls Sarah, hard to catch me by phone - email is best.

Sarah Stewart said...

I am afraid you didn't miss anything, Adrienne because we had major technology problems.

I will repeat the meeting either at the w'end or on Monday. Keep an eye on the blog for details. cheers Sarah

Debra's Blog said...

Hi Team FoC09,

I too tried to log in. I had a bit of a tantrum with our ICTS support so need to go and eat humble pie now.

Quite funny really as I had to make a fuss to get access to any web 2 technologies at my workstation in the first place.

All good fun, they'll be screening my calls next.

I am looking forward to attempting the exercise again soon.


Debra RW

Sarah Stewart said...

Debra, I have to say that I have been quite shocked when talking to all the educators in this country doing this course, and the amount of restrictions that are on their online communication tools. How can you facilitate online if you do not access to the appropriate tools to do it?