Monday, March 3, 2008

Carolyn's facilitation session in Second Life

Amazing, nerve wracking and a stunning example of facilitation. Congrats Carolyn you did a great job getting so many people together in one place. How many were there - nearly 20 people with about 9 from the UK ? And no-one lost. Looking forward to your notes on your blog on how you think it all went. The voice chat worked pretty well - echoes and a small bit of heavy breathing was a bit disconcerting and could've been fixed with a bit of telling people to adjust their microphone and speaker settings.

Your presentation worked very well - we are so impressed! And there was some great discussion. And to top it off they are all keen to come back for more. Way to go midwives!


Carolyn said...

Just to let you know that I have now blogged about this and believe I have completed all requirments for this course, fingers crossed.

Sarah Stewart said...

What a long way we've come since that first meeting in Second Life - a major midwifery SL study & resources and more really started something then, Carolyn :)